Monday, March 3, 2008

Frozen Dead Guy Days

That's right... not only is it the weekend for daylight savings time, but it's also time for Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland!

I think this calls for some sort of celebration!

Not sure what the plans are yet, but hopefully we'll get to take in some of the festivities. It's been a few years since I competed in the Brain Freeze, slurpee eating contest. Maybe this year it's time for the Polar Plunge? Definitely gotta catch the action at the Coffin Races. It's always hit or miss trying to make the events... I swear, they always switch up the times for everything. But the schedule should also be more open this year, without the Stazio races to attend and all that.

Hopefully something "exciting" will be going on Boulder, just to thin out the number of drunk college kids that make the trip up. Otherwise, you have love when an entire town is out to party, and celebrate their history, and most famous resident, who just happens to be frozen solid in a Tuff Shed. And personally, I think America would be a better place, if we had the freedom to freeze our family members and keep them on your property.

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