Friday, April 18, 2008


It's been awhile since we've celebrated "Beer Friday", but no racing tomorrow, and a good thirst motivated me to visit the store and see what might be in stock. I was amazed to see that the store actually had a handful of bottles of La Folie! No way I could say no to picking up a bottle! But I decided to a save that bottle for another night. Tonight, PranQster, a Belgian Style golden ale from North Coast Brewing Company caught my eye.

It presented quite a bit of citrus in the nose, and had a surprisingly fresh taste. It was quite good actually, so I was happy with my choice. If you get a chance, I definitely recommend it.

Sadly, no Formula 1 again this weekend. I have to wait one more week for it's return. Next Friday with the race in Spain, will mark the beginning of the European races. After two weeks of testing, there will likely be some new advances in the car. This past week Top Gear had a great section, demonstrating just how difficult driving an F1 car really is. Sure, guys like Lewis Hamilton make it look simple, turning consistent laps within less than half a second... but I can only imagine. And don't even consider for a second, that you are a better driver than Richard Hammond (who's trying to drive the F1 car).

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