Friday, April 25, 2008

Another Friday Already

Sorry... I was lazy on the update front this week.

In some ways, it feels like it should be time for Spring to stick, finally, but every time you think that, crappy weather seems to rear it's head. It's been a solid week of training, which makes it feel like spring. I got to head out and do my first Bus Stop group ride of the year, which makes it feel like spring. That ride went well, I was feeling good, and spent plenty of time up front. Rode up to Peak to Peak the following day, and the weather was horrible. Windy, cold, cloudy, and windy again... Team Time Trial practice on Thursday was a great workout, though if it was summer time, I would have been seeking cover, because it sure looked like tornado season. So a good week of training... I'm just hoping I didn't burn all my matches for tomorrow's road race in Deer Trail. The weather is looking far from "friendly". Either way, the drivetrain is clean, and ready to roll!

Just in time for Friday, Formula 1 is finally back on this weekend! With the return of Friday practice in Catalunya. And might as well have a tasty beer since it's Friday as well!

This week I have Ten Fidy from Oskar Blues. No doubt, it's quite tasty! Black as the oil rolling out of your engine, that time you forgot to do an oil change for 10k miles, and enough flavor to wake the dead. I don't like many of the stouts from local breweries, but as mentioned, this one is quite tasty. A lot of coffee flavor that I notice. Far from something I would drink every day, no doubt helped by the 10+% alcohol content!

Uh oh... the McClarens seem to be struggling at practice...

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