Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Toys

Last night I stumbled into a (somewhat) local establishment, and picked up some toys to go along with Project #0308-S01.

I've been shopping around, with the need to eventually get a new deck, but last night the shop just happened to have the right board, in the right size and I just had to pull the trigger. I was bouncing between a couple Enjoi boards, and this Element board for a bit. The shop even had both, so I could compare them side by side, and the Element won out because of the tail kick, and the profile on the nose and tail. It's almost too pretty to start thrashing it!

The shop even had some wheels that I hadn't seen before, but were definitely the ticket! I still prefer softer wheels than what most of them are these days, so finding these 85A wheels, in a nice (fairly) large 60mm size, plus some sweet graphics, meant they were going home with me. I still love my trucks, risers, and hardware, so I stuck with that stuff, and I just got some brand new ABEC 7 bearings a few weeks back. It was cold and snowy last night, so I only got a few seconds on the board in the garage... but everything feels smooooooth like butta!

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