Friday, June 6, 2008

Sunny... Windy... Friday!

In case you didn't think recumbents were dorky, and you were thinking about getting one, I give you this example; gotta be the dorkiest of all recumbents!

That's right... from the makers of Dog Powered, comes the Dog Powered Trike! It's seems like a fun way to get Fido some exercise, but man, would I not want to be seen in public being such a dork. I think the scooter might even be worse than the trike. I mean, it's a scooter! You can even set up FOUR dogs on the same scooter! Now there's some power!

It's sunny and windy today, but that's just the usual weather coming in for the State Time Trial tomorrow. Typical, very typical. So not too much going on today, other than to get out on the TT bike a bit, and make sure everything is tight, and open the legs up.

At least Formula1 returns this weekend, with racing in Canada! Sweet! Friday Practice coverage will be on tonight, a great way to relax and hydrate. There is rain in the forecast for all weekend, which could make things interesting. Though maybe not as crazy as the last race in Monaco! Now that was a great race to watch! Nothing like rain in Monaco! The skill those guys need is tough enough, but then throw those cars on the Monaco circuit, AND throw in some rain, and the difficulty level goes off the charts. After a serious scare when Hamilton clipped a wall and punctured the right rear, he came back with some amazing driving to take the win! Read a great interview here with the podium placers.

It's sunny now, but last night it was still cloudy, rainy and cold. There was a big ol' front still stuck on the divide at sundown and fresh snow in the high mountains this morning;

Though the air was clear, and there was just a sliver of moon left right now;

Sounds like it should be a busy weekend of racing, cleaning, wedding planning, paintball, grilling, yard work and more I'm sure!

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