Friday, October 31, 2008

All Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween! Halloween in Boulder is always entertaining. You can rest assured that at least a couple times that day, you'll find yourself trying to figure out if the person over there is dressed up for the celebration, or just plain dresses that way on any given day. I've already seen that happen twice, and I've been in my cube for the last 7 of 8 hours. Some pictures of pumpkins that I carved a few years ago, which all went on an adventure together;

Crossing dangerous bridges... sitting around a campfire... they did everything together;

I did make it out to vote though. Well, sort of. I hand delivered my mail in ballot today. I decided to skip the lottery of mailing in my ballot, I mean, even handing it in I figure there's only about a 50/50 chance that my vote will count. And even then, it just depends on what my representative in the Electoral College feels like doing anyway. But seriously, I was amazed at the traffic coming in and out of the voting office. They had people directing traffic in the parking lot, traffic was backed up in every direction. Inside, there was a big ol' line for early voting, and there was even a line for simply dropping off your ballot. Back outside, there was even a line of cars waiting to run through the "drive-in" ballot drop off! Even though I was walking, I choose that route, since the line was moving fastest there. Being Boulder, I was a bit surprised they didn't have a "bike-up" drop-off line.

It should be interesting to see the final numbers and percentages of people that actually vote this year, compared to completely embarrassing numbers the past view elections. I think there are a ton of people that are finally ready to see some change, and another ton of people that want to see change - but not "too much" change.

I made a quick stop at the grocery store for some Halloween makeup and just happened to notice that Soda Pop "for drinking" is on sale too! Good news! I checked the toiletries aisle, but it didn't look like the Soda Pop "for bathing" was on sale.

Yep, the perfect night for hording huge bags of candy, dunking for apples and dressing up like some goon... but really what has me excited is that Friday practice is over for the last race of the 2008 Formula 1 season! I actually have mixed feelings, since it's of course the last race of the year, which means I will be going through serious withdrawal in the off-season! But it's bound to be a real nail-biter of a race! The Brazil race is always pretty dramatic, Hamilton has a healthy lead in the World Championship race, but in no way has it won yet - especially with his tendency to force issues when he totally doesn't need to; usually with him screwing himself. At least Massa is in second place, and if anyone took the championship from Hamilton, I'd want it to be Massa. That's not all though! Even the Manufacturer's Championship is up for grabs! Ferrari has a pretty good hold, but mathematically McLaren still has a chance! AND, if that wasn't enough... Ferrari has been dominant at the track at Interlagos, but with a chance of rain in the forecast, the advantage could tip back to McLaren.

As they say, "We'll sell you the whole seat, but you'll only need the EEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEE!"

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