Friday, October 24, 2008


I got a fax today.

Yeah, I know, your first thought should be, "God damn, I didn't even know anyone still used a fax machine". I mean, I worked in this job for 2 full months before I eventually asked someone, "Do we even HAVE a fax machine in the building!?"

But this fax was "special". It seems that the person that was sending it to me, thought I might want a hard copy of the email that she got. So she printed out the email, wrote up a cover sheet, found her fax machine, dialed some sort of magical number or something, faxed it to me, and then I'm guessing likely waited around for the fax machine to do it's magic and then print a confirmation sheet.

In fact, well, I didn't "want" a hard copy, but I "needed" one for record keeping blah blah blah... but she has a forward button, and I have a printer. Hell, my email address even comes up automatically just as you start typing it.

The weekend couldn't be more timely...

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