Thursday, October 30, 2008

It Burns!

Time again for Halloween!

Oddly, it's going to be warm and sunny out, instead of the usual snow that we get on Halloween. It won't be quite as fun watching the gobs of chicks that decide Halloween is the one day a year it's okay to dress all slutty, that are usually trying to stay warm in their tiny outfits, on a cold night in October. It always cracks me up, like watching smokers freezing their asses off in winter, standing out on the loading dock just to cut a butt and feed the habit. Though, the sense of bundling up and going out to ride your bike on a sub-freezing day, just to get your own sort of fix, can be slightly questionable as well... at least I don't stink like cigarettes... just embrocations.

Speaking of embrocations, it's that time of year again. Time to bust out the warming salves. Of course, I say that as it's 78 degrees outside, but you know, October in Colorado. I've been using Greyhound Juice Original Formula which works quite nicely. It's warm, and puts up a good barrier and definitely has the smartest packaging so far. Though, even with the deodorant-style applicator, you still need a good rubbing for proper application. By the way, the Greyhound Juice chamois creme is still the shit, try it out. Always willing to try out something new, I picked up some Mad Alchemy Mellow to try out. It went on quite nicely last night, different smell with the grapeseed and soybean oils. Went on nicely, and seems to give good coverage, but I only used it on the dog walk last night.

Big weekend coming up with the Boulder Cup races in town! They are always a blast, and I'm pretty psyched for the races, since I finally get to do Sunday's course. It totally won't suit me, but it's always looked like a really fun course. I've skipped it in the past, not having a UCI license, and not being old enough for the old-guys category. So this year I'm racing in the old-man's category, and likely riding the SS. I'm definitely looking forward to some racing, especially after taking off last weekend. A little bummed though, see I'm just doing Sunday since the course on Saturday doesn't look as fun AND registration is $40 a race! That's pretty ridiculous... especially when we are battling for one of 3 medals. Sure, it's a big race with the UCI classification, but that's just for the elite categories. And if you look at ANY similar race in the rest of the country, the UCI categories cost that much, but the "regular" categories cost the more typical $20-$25. You might argue the fact that if people will pay, then why not raise costs... but for me, I would have raced both days if it was $25, or even $30 (probably). But not at $40 a pop.

In other developments this week, the new album from The Cure is finally out! I can't help it, I'm addicted. And it was supposed to be out well over 1.5 years ago, so I was definitely anxious to pick it up this week. A good listen, and it seems to get better each time through!


ELGEE said...

yeah dawg, the entree fees suck, but we have to drive down from Eagle, so it's an arm and a leg to travel anyway, crash a floor at a friends in Boulder, and do both days, it's almost an investment for the long haulers, but yeah, Grielish is giving it to the regular folks up the pooper for sure...

I am Brian said...

I hear ya' man. I'm definitely thankful that at least the traveling is a lot lighter on my side of the divide.

Of course, that's also the premium you have to pay for living up in beautiful "Elgee County"!