Thursday, March 26, 2009

Call to Arms

So apparently, it's going to snow some. I'm glad I brought my snow boots, because I'm about to walk over to the Chancellor's office and punch someone in the gonads. I mean seriously... why the hell are we here at work today? And by "we", I mean, "me"... you know the one person in the office that lives at 8000 feet, and descends a treacherous, switchbacked, 24%, unplowed road to get here? To be fair, driving "The Gauntlet" from the canyon to this side of town is way more dangerous than the canyon itself; trying to duck left and right, avoiding retards sliding off city streets; trying to plan 3 moves ahead, and determine which of the three cars in front of you, is the one containing the most inept driver, that's going to start sliding out of control once they even tap their brakes... it's all sorts of "fun".

But back to this Chancellor dude... maybe shit fell through the cracks now that good ol' boy "Bud" Peterson left the university to head down to Georgia Tech, and no one is doing his job. But either way, I'm sure there is someone to harass over at his office;

Made all the more fucking retarded by the fact that the students are gone for Spring Break, tomorrow the university is closed for our Spring Break... we haven't even had a snow day this year. Hell, they closed DU this morning, before a snow flake even hit the ground.

...and this just in... my rant can end since they're closing campus at 10am.

Looks like a solid day of doing nothing. Time to fire up the Playstation I guess.


Notorious B.I.L. said...

At least you made it. get a sleeping bag and get some overtime! Good luck!

I am Brian said...

I should have brought the snowshoes for the "walk" home!