Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Thursday was half a snow day... and good timing, since Friday was Spring Break for me, and Jessica's work told her to stay home because of the snow. Sweet! We ended up with 15 inches or so at the house, and of course, spent most of Friday indoors. I was hoping for a real spring break, with good weather, so I could spend the day outdoors. While I did spend some time outdoors... it was mostly just shoveling. We did escape the house for a bit with Alex, to head up to Wondervu Cafe for some dinner and big 'ol blueberry margaritas!

Saturday's race was canceled, so it was back to the trainer again. Then Jessica and I hit up a baby shower for the nephew, which was conveniently in Superior, so we had a chance to check out the Krapandturd race course, that was scheduled for Sunday. While there was plenty of snow along the sides, and a few wet sections, the course was mostly looking like we would definitely race! That is... until we made the turn and came up to the climb;

Yeah... that wasn't even going to come close to drying up enough to ride anything other than a 4-wheeler up it, in time for the race on Sunday. Not surprisingly, the race was "postpwned" a few hours later.

That's alright, after the shower, we met up with Jesse, Brit-Invasion, and a pair of their friends for dinner, before hitting up the opening match of the season for the Denver Roller Dolls. This was the first of the matches that we have been to at the Fillmore. And while it's a cool idea and all, none of us thought that it worked out as well as it sounded like it would. Seating was insanely limited, and it was hard to relax and catch the action like you can at the Coliseum. The people-watching was of course pretty entertaining, and we definitely noticed a slightly different demographic with the Colfax venue...

With the race canceled on Sunday, it opened up the schedule a bit. So I made the absolute last minute decision to hit up the group ride with Seth, Joey and Chuck. As expected, it was a pretty massive group, but other than some usual sketchiness, people actually did a pretty good job of not riding like retards. Though the pace was pretty slow. I had promised to be home at a reasonable time, so at the turn for the lake, I pulled the U-turn, and did a lovely 50 minute individual time trial all the way back to town.

We had plans to meet up with Jessica's dear friend Stephanie, who had just finally pushed-out the newest member of her flock, John;

The always lovely Addison was there, and is of course very excited about her new little brother - and a total ham as always;

Speaking of babies... Walker has a new baby coming! Craig is "probably" the most excited about this little guy, but I know of at least 3 different plans already in the works to kidnap that fury little monster!

And speaking of doggies... today is Neo's 8th birthday! Which means we all get to hit Dairy Queen for some treats today!

I'm sure there will be an update soon, for all the festivities!

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Jessica said...

That is a cute set of kids, on all fronts!