Monday, March 23, 2009

Cult Cross #2 Weekend

Once again... another big weekend. After fueling up on some Izakya Den (I'm telling you, I could live on those crispy tuna tapas!!) Friday evening, Jessica and I were up early Saturday to head out to scenic New Castle.

The plan was to hang with the Bergers for the day, and on Sunday morning, we were heading back East, with a stop in Eagle for the 2nd and final installment of CultCross '09. Elgee laid out another sweet course at the Eagle Fairgrounds. In keeping with the theme of changing course conditions last week, this weeks race was different again... with windy, warm, and a very dry course.

I signed up for both the single speed and open races again. The single speed race went pretty well, started out calmly enough, and I just accelerated throughout the whole first lap, till I was up to speed, and away on my own. It was good to see Mr. Faia out there, and after I gave him a one minute headstart, I decided to keep things safe, ride a hard tempo, and just tried to stay about the same gap behind him for the race. He had a solid ride, and took out the 35+ race.

The open race was great... we had something like 9 or 10 starters, and no one lining up was shabby at all! I was definitely in for a working on this course... There were some really great, tough technical sections that required some finesse, and wide open, bumpy, grassy power sections. Those were the ones that got me. I was just off what became the chase group, and where all the fun was being had. I could make a bit of time in the slower sections, and switchbacks, but the long power sections were just too much on the single speed, and I would lose back all the time I had made up.

In the end, I finished sixth. And while a bit frustrated, I was pretty happy that I was just a few seconds behind the main group, and really held them at the same gap for the entire race. Not to mention, how can you not love a course with great use of natural obstacles, whoopdees, a ramp, two bridges, and some great maze sections!? Not to mention the incredible fans! I think everyone that raced yesterday, stuck around for the final race, and that definitely makes those final 10 laps a bit more bearable. Thanks everyone.

CultCross had it's most racers yesterday, and the event continues to grow. I say it every time... if you really think you live for cross... well then, there is absolutely zero reason for you to not get out there for these races. There is no acceptable excuse. Great job again Elgee! And I can't wait for next year!

Okay... NOW that I've got that out of my system, I'm ready for road season to begin in earnest!

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