Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Performance Enhancing

I got the new Ibis team bike on the scale finally, and I can't say I was too disappointed in it.

Sure... I might be disappointed if it was my child or maybe a family member that I knew was breaking the rules, but when it's my bike that's breaking some silly weight limit rule, I admire it. 14.50lbs. for the new Ibis, and that's complete with aero wheels, bottle cages, computer... everything set to ride.

Even more importantly, that's without starting to spec the bike out with any real weight-weenie parts. Which made it that much harder to resist, when I was able to borrow a set of Edge 45mm wheels with Extralite hubs from Cycling Technology. Those wheels are just 972g for the pair, yet aero, and strong enough for just about any race - and they look damned hot as well!

On the scale (with "heavy" Ultegra pedals) the bike was down to just 13.68lbs.

That of course made me want to see what it would weigh once I have some speedplays, maybe throw on my 173g KCNC brakes, a 140g KCNC seatpost I have... no no! I'm not going to do it! Resist the weight-weenie urges! -Really... it's not that hard to do, when you know your bike is already 14.5lbs, and you can ride with absolute confidence in all the parts, with no silly-light parts that may or may not last for the rest of the day. ...but still... breaking 13lbs would be easy.

Anyway, Saturday, after visiting Grandpa Bredo, our guests came back to the house for some dinner. Craig got some new sushi-making toys and was anxious for me to give him a bit of tutorial. And that we did! We had a great selection of sushi, though I didn't count the number of pieces this time.

Miso soup for an appetizer, then a big selection of sushi; inari, tamago, salmon sprouts and cream cheese, cucumber and avocodo rolls, shrimp cucumber avocado rolls... and two new ones I decided to try. The first was tuna salad, with a big pile of scallions - that came out great. Reminded me of the smoked trout roll at Sushi Den. And the second was just crazy... bacon and baked asparagus (baked with sesame oil and garlic) - that one was just plain awesome! I think more sushi may need bacon! No one seemed to mind that we made at least twice as many pieces as we could eat.

This morning my nemesis had returned...

10 degrees with wind and light snow this morning. Ugh. Way too cold. Does anyone like March in Colorado? Well, if nothing else, maybe it will keep the Cult Cross course a bit moist for this weekends racing!


Elgee said...

I would break that bike leaning on it.

Notorious B.I.L. said...

My spleen weighs more than that!

Brad said...

Hmm...Speedplay...You have any extra Frogs sitting around?