Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Been A Cop Long?

The weather is trying to do better this week. Yesterday was nice, but then I made the mistake up riding up to Gold Hill. Much like Ward, this spot always seems to have crappy weather. Along the climb, it got windier, much colder, and even rained a bit. But I shouldn't complain, it was a pretty nice climb.

I never seem to remember that no matter how warm it is in town, descending Lefthand is always freezing cold in the evenings, this time of year. But a few more climbs to warm things up for me, and finished with a good 5000ft. of climbing yesterday.

Today is even nicer, though the wind is picking up. But it's nice enough that I managed to ride the Ninja to work today! Sitting in traffic still sucks on a motorcycle, but at least it was a nice drive down the canyon! Too bad I can't just hop on the bike path once I'm in town!

Things were all looking up this week, until I stumbled (somewhat late) onto the news that Dom DeLuise passed away this week. That's truly sad news, as he can only be classified as an extremely funny and entertaining man.

Who won't miss Captain Chaos, in one of the best movies ever made?

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