Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ringers Bring Storms

I love the warmer weather, and I love that last night I got out the GPS and surveying equipment so that I could properly set-up and align the quoit boards;

But I'm not as crazy about the afternoon thunderstorms that always seem to want to roll through right at 4.30 (hopefully they'll stay away tonight). Nor am I too enthused about the 1972 air conditioning unit in our building, which works about as well as opening your oven door.

And these days, I just can't think of thunderstorms, without a terrifying image creeping into my head... the same image that Denver International Airport actually uses to PROMOTE it's $2 million, horrifying sculpture, "Mustang", or as I prefer, "Blue-cifer"

While I readily admit if I owned a child-molester-type van, I would totally consider having that image air-brushed onto the side of it... it's not the image that I want in my head, when I'm heading to the airport and about to take a trip in a metal tube flying at 30,000 feet up.

We MUST ban together people, before Blue-cifer and his minions kill us all!!!!

It's killed before, it will kill again!

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