Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer? Is That You?

Another weekend in the books...

I got a short ride in on Friday, before the rain showers, and picking up my race numbers for the weekend races. I loved the idea of picking up my race numbers a block from work, on Friday, so I wouldn't have to deal with it this weekend. Until the choad running registration tried tell me I never sent a check in. Maybe it was my fault, but nope, I checked, and sure enough there was the copy of the check I wrote (not to mention the race promotor called me on another issue, and let me know that my checks were received and I was all paid up). I even called my bank, while standing in line a second time, and sure enough, the race had lost track of me paying, but didn't seem to have any problem cashing my check a week prior. Still, all would have been fine until the ass-tard told me, "Well, I'll trust you, but you're only cheating the promoter if you lied". Fuck head... I was too surprised, and not feeling like calling him out in front of everyone in line, so I'll wait to call him out once I have his name.

Anyway... Saturday morning was the Sunshine Hill Climb. A weird course to race, since I think I ride at least a good portion of the climb at least once every week. The race makes it less fun, since my body objects to both the (usually) cold temps and riding hard at 8am... not to mention the talent this race always pulls. Either way, most of us have to resign ourselves to a painful 50 minute TT... it's not so hard for some of the guys;

The ride goes up a good amount, and then turns to dirt and goes up some more;

The pace started off quick, right away, as expected; "neutral-start" my ass. Before long it was into solo TT mode, climbing away. About 3 miles from the top I started to feel warmed-up finally, and was feeling stronger... just in time for the shifting gremlins to take over, and start messing with my gears. I finished frustrated, losing time, and with about two gears. Not that it would have put me into an awesome placing, but frustrating to finish with a good amount in the tank. The good news was that it was 2 minutes faster than last year, and it wasn't snowing at the top.

After I got home and warmed up with some more coffee, and relaxed for awhile, the weather started to clear out, and temps warmed up. So I took off down to Aurora to visit Craig and Jeff and see the newest rental property in the block that Jeff is trying to buy up. It was too nice to stay for long, so I hit out to meet up with Randy, and we took a nice loop up the canyon and along Peak-to-Peak. Caught some dinner in Ned, and then headed home, for 100+ miles, and nice long day! The weather was perfect!

Sunday was the stupid North Boulder Park Crit. Far from one of my favorites. My BAR/BAT decoder ring was not properly calibrated, and I signed up for the racing, thinking that it was BAR/BAT. And not just one, but signed up for TWO goes at the course. I showed up at the start of the 35+ race at noon, and the first-aid tent was already out of "Medical Occurance Forms", and there was a line forming to get your wounds scrubbed... great.

First up was the Cat2 race for me. I was active at the start, but there was only like two teams with numbers, and not many people willing to share the work. Racing solo I decided I should relax and sit in. Which of course meant that someone decided to crash in front of me. I avoided, and then had to chase back on, as it seemed everyone else was content to not get back into the action. By 35 minutes in, I was bored, and really not having fun on this course. By 45 minutes in, someone else crashed in front of me. I avoided, and then had to chase back on, just about got there, and then rememebered how little fun I was having to begin with, and pulled the plug.

I caught the final 5 laps from the sidelines... when a break of 5 formed. Then one guy from the break took himself out with 2 laps to go, followed by another guy doing the same thing on the final lap. Ridiculous.

An hour to hang out, and then the P/1/2 race. I think we started late as they called the 25 or so paid (or at least contract holding) professionals in attendance up to the start line. Surprisingly, the legs weren't too bad, and sitting near the back of the group was maneagable, closing a few gaps as they opened here and there... That is until the same dude that caused the first crash in the Cat2 race, fucked up the same exact corner and put his bike sideways. I avoided, and then had to chas back on (sounding familiar yet?). I chased pretty well, considering I lost everyone that was behind me, I made it back, yo-yo'd for a few laps not being able to recover, and then, once again remembered how much fun I wasn't having, and pulled the plug.

At least the weather was hot, I didn't go down in any of the crashes I got to watch up close, and I had ice cream for dinner. I've decided yesterdays pair of socks are unlucky, and I won't be wearing them for races again.

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