Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where is Summer?

Believe me... I like rain. It's pretty cool. Nothing like sleeping for an entire day while it's grey and dark and pouring rain all day. Of course, you really don't get days like that, out here in Colorado. Instead, you get the shitty weather we've been having - below normal temps, unpredictible occasional rain showers blowing through, wind, clouds, and general crappiness.

Saturday was cold and wet, so I opted to not drive down to Golden for 19 minutes of racing at the Lookout Hillclimb. Which was really kind of a bummer. Sunday was supposed to be similar weather, but it actually turned out pretty nice. I hit up the Rabbit Mountain TT. As always seems to be the case for me at this race, I had a non-ideal warm-up and felt pretty crappy for the individual time trial. To be fair, my training has really been off for the past two weeks, and no doubt, that it showed in the time trial. Feeling crappy, I ended up over-compensating, and saved a bit too much for the end.

After that "warm-up", Chuck came and joined Seth and I for the team trial. It was us vs. just Vitamin Cottage... and with just two teams that meant extra pressure... because we were either going to be first or last. Nothing in between. VC had 4 guys to our 3, and I know the three of us had never ridden a TTT together. But once we started rolling, things went pretty smoothly. The pulls of the two big guys started to hurt me as the hill got steeper, but we rode well. I couldn't see even my front wheel for the final 200 meters but it was just enough to squeak by with the win - a margin of just 4 seconds.

I was out on a mission today, and decided to walk back from campus, rather than risk Swine-Flu infection by riding the bus. I mean, with 6 cases out of the 4,939,456 people (US Census estimate 2008) in colorado now, that's a full 0.00012% of the people. A pandemic if I ever have seen one. Plus the weather was just nice enough for a walk, and a walk in Boulder always means you will see interesting stuff;

Like the concerned father at the park, that had cornered the parks grounds keeper, with ways that he thought the parks administrators could redesign the playground equipment to make it safer for kids. Because all the plastic bullshit and 4 inches of padding on the ground wasn't safe enough for his kid. Christ... whatever happened to trying to run down the steel slide? Or getting thwacked in the head by the speeding metal handle on the merry go-round when you are so dizzy you stumble back into it on your own? Kids are freaking soft, and we're all going to pay some day.

But maybe not... I also saw an advert for The Baker Organic breads. They care about the healthy lifestyle that we want to live. Enough so that they use organic ingredients to even craft "Lifestyle breads", including, of course "Yoga bread". I have no idea what the hell Yoga bread is, and the page doesn't describe it nearly as well as I think they could. All I can imagine is that it's bread that you pay money for, and then go sit on a special mat, in special stretchy pants and eat with your bare feet. The best thing about it of course, is that you can drone on and on to your friends about how amazing your life is since you found Yoga (bread) and that your inner beauty is really able to shine through after each meal.

Meanwhile, in the real(er) world...

Last week I finished up a set of track wheels for a local guy, that came out really sweet. I'd love to take a couple laps around the track on these, and it should be a big jump in effeciency from the "hipster-fixie" wheels that he had on his track bike. Suzue PRO-MAX carbon hubs, Edge 1.68 rims, Pillar internal nipples, Sapim Race and Laser spokes; laced 28h, 2x all around. Sweet. They came out light, aero and WAY stiff, perfect for the track.

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