Monday, May 11, 2009

Somehow... Monday Is Already Back

Friday night Jessica and I hit out of town, so we could catch opening night at her latest play, The Fantastics, playing at the Denver Victorian. It was extra sweet for Jessica, since opening means that her schedule will ease up, and she won't be at the theater until 11pm every night. And if we're lucky, we might even get to have a meal with one another again. Anyway the show... it was a pretty good opening night. It's starting to get strange, knowing lots of the people in the audience some days. It's a musical, which often don't float my boat, but this one was just fine. Check it out if you get a chance.

It was nice to sleep in on Saturday, with no alarm. Though we were still up early enough so we could head into town for hippy muffins and a cup of joe, before I was heading off to the annual Wheels of Thunder extravaganza. Christian rock music was pumping at the start to get everyone amped up for some quality racing, and with sprint primes every other lap, the racing was sure to be pretty constant. We had our fullest team yet, with 4 of us, plus Randy joining us after his race in the 35+ race.

You can never tell how this race might shake out, depending on what the wind does, and what kind of talent shows up, so we decided to play it pretty aggresively - following all the moves, and making sure to get someone into everything, or at least chase it down. Which, we did to a pretty good extent! With about 5 laps to go, Seth and I chased down a dangerous looking move, which took a hard effort. On my way to the back to recover, I found Zac, and wanted to make sure he got to the front to help Chuck and to use his own sprint as well. In the process of moving him up, I followed a surge, and the two of us, along with some other good horsepower ended up with a slight gap with 3 to go. Unfortunately we were reeled back with just over 1.5 to go, which was about it for me. But Zac was at the front now, and he was able to lead out Chuck for a killer sprint from way out. Chuck ended up with the win, and took 3 primes in the process! Great race all around, as the team worked well together, and we were visible all day, working hard. Hopefully we'll keep riding this wave.

By late Saturday, the weather was complete crap. Socked in with rain, fog and clouds, and nothing but promises of the same for Sunday. So much for my plans to get out and add some mileage to the Ninja! Grrr... Instead it was a day to stay inside, get caught up on tv and build some wheels;

I built a wild set of the Edge 1.24 rims as well, using Extralite hubs, and for the first time, some of the DT new-aero WHITE spokes. The spokes are very blingy (and I was too lazy to take a photo!)... and blingy to the true extent of the word! They cost about $6 per spoke, so you pay through the nose for that little bit of style. Silly.

Like I said, it was foggy, rainy and grey... but even in those conditions, this is no way to drive your Volvo up Magnolia;

Today the sun is back out, and it was a perfect day to eat lunch outside. So I hit up LarkBurger with Duane. Pretty good burgers, nice and messy, but still a bit overpriced in my mind. At least they had orange soda for me...

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