Tuesday, January 6, 2009

About Time to Start

Man... good thing my New Year Resolution wasn't to blog more often... I've been slacking in this new year. But really, it's more a matter of there just not being too much excitement at the moment.

Two quick pictures left over from the South Carolina trip; The first is the new Krispy Kreme coffee mug that I couldn't resist picking up. Primarily because it's a full 20oz., heavy porcelain one, that will make the drab cubicle feel that little bit more comfortable.

On our approach to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, on the way home, I snapped this picture. I don't know Dallas at all, and while the lights made it look all sparkly and fun, the only real reason I snapped this picture, was the cool green building. I don't even know what building it is... all I do know, is that it's in the background of what seems to be 85% of the episodes of the show Cheaters... so, it's kinda like seeing a part of history... or something.

New Years Eve was pretty mellow for us. Jessica and I had been so busy, we made the decision to bail on all plans, and just go home. Jesse and Brit had a somewhat similar idea, and we convinced them to come up and do nothing with us. We just grabbed a big ol' pile of sushi, some beer and champagne, and headed home. Wasted the night away playing Little Big Planet... one strange, yet fun and HIGHLY addicting game! The beer we got, Odell's Extra Special Red, was sadly not nearly as enjoyable, and not that "extra special". Bummer.

Other than that, I've been busy building up some special request wheels for a friend of mine. Not just ordinary wheels, but some sick, sick, weight-weenie stuff! The first set was built with Extralite hubs, Sapim CX-Ray spokes, and Edge 1.68 rims. These hubs are silly-expensive, but for insanely light hubs, I think they get my vote for their overall design. They built up well, and didn't have too many crazy ideas of ways to sacrifice reliability and performance purely for weight loss.

The second set used a set of Tune hubs, CX-Ray spokes, and the newest Edge 1.68 rims.

These crazy things... now keep in mind that they use a 68mm deep section fully aero rim... weighed in at a crazy 1084grams for the PAIR. Just sick. No doubt helped by the Tune Mig 45 front hub, which wasn't my favorite hub to build with, but it's definitely crazy light.

I've built several sets of the Edge rims up now. And while I still don't really agree with the internal nipples, and the difficulty they create when you are lacing the wheel, they build up incredibly well for such light rims. And they seem really, really stiff. Of course, they're far from cheap, but I've definitely used more expensive, less impressive rims.

Just wait till you see the wheelset that's in the queue right now...

Santa's visit this year, made me all the more happy that I'm not a vegetarian. I mean, it's WAY more fun to cook animals on your new rotisserie than it is a bunch of silly vegetables!

Anyone have a good rotisserie recipe? I do have one for "beer can chicken" which looked pretty intriguing. Let's grill!

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