Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gobble, Gobble!

On the way down the mountain this morning, I rounded the corner, and came face to face with a family of wild turkeys. Out east, I am used to seeing pheasants all the time. And I've seen some turkeys... probably these guys, along Magnolia from time to time. But today was the best look I got at them. I stopped and opened the door for a picture, and they nearly came right up to me.

All I could think of was the last turkey I saw... frozen, sitting on the counter before Thanksgiving dinner. These guys were much cuter... and taller, and had heads...

Wait a minute... are they chasing me!? Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear;

Those guys were feeling stubborn and they were still in the area, hours later. Jessica said she saw them too, hanging in the middle of the road, when she came down.

The weather was even more insanely nice today! So I snuck out for another lunchtime ride. Stretched it a bit, and got up both Flagstaff, and the bottom portion of Sunshine. It was so warm that I only had to do shorts and a short sleeve jersey. Didn't even add clothes for the descending. I have a bad feeling that we will soon have to pay big-time for the past 5 days of nice weather!

That's a lot of skin showing for late January! And the bike tan is at 0.5%... I imagine my legs are about as pasty as those turkeys would be if you plucked them and put them in your freezer.


Elgee said...

that knee looks like an eskimo's ball sack in a freezer.

I am Brian said...

Maybe I need a tea-bag to warm things up a bit?