Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Riding the trainer this weekend, got a bit more shiny... I picked up a new cassette and chain, to replace the worn out chain, and add some more gearing selections to the stockpile.

Saturday night, a group of us were off to the Pepsi Center to catch a game of indoor lacrosse. The Mammoth were playing Edmonton, and since Bonnie is from that "part of France" it was a good game to hit up. I hadn't realized, but I think there was also a Star Trek convention somewhere in the Pepsi Center on the same night, since this chick was dressed up, and sort of reminded me of my shiny new cassette and chain... or a interstellar jump suit... with matching boots.

Making our way to our seats, Craig made some scientific observations on why Americans are so fat. There was no waiting, and plenty of room to walk up the stairs, while the majority of people were waiting in line for their chance to be "escalated" to the second floor.

We came to a game last year, the same one actually, but this year they had kicked things up a bit for the opening introductions. Cheerleaders, light show, pyrotechnics, and a whole gang of Harley's revving up their engines, for the home team.

Pretty soon it was "game-on!"

Good seats for people watching;

But we were on the opposite side of the field from the hot tub girls;

At the half time, like last year, it was time for the WingBowl Finals during halftime! The man to beat was "Big Sexy". He was big, but I'm not so sure about the sexy part. In fact, Big Sexy started to not look so good during the battle;

And soon enough, Big Sexy was sending his wings the wrong way;

Somehow, he was still declared the winner. But I'm calling "bullshit" on this one. Since when do you get to win an eating contest, if you start to puke up what you ate, immediately after the end of the contest. I say the other competitors were ripped off. But I'm not too upset, I mean, we got to watch some gross dude in a speedo, puke in front of 40,000 people.

With people puking, and calls for cowbells, indoor lacrosse can be a lot like cyclocross races!


Brittainy said...

So sad I missed the game and the hot tub girls!!! Next time...I promise.

Bryan said...

Thanks for your kind words... :)

BTW, the rules are you are not allowed to throw up DURING the competition. What happens after the competition isn't relevant.

-Big Sexy

Elgee said...

holy crap, was that game in Alabama. tell me that was not Colorado. Please.

I am Brian said...

Not Colorado Elgee... Denver.

I am Brian said...

Thanks for rules clarification Big Sexy... I wasn't sure if there was a time limit to "keep it all down" or anything.

And don't get me wrong, I loved the outfit. I mean, you need to be free of restriction in an eating competition!