Thursday, January 8, 2009


Happily, even though just last night, the house was literally shaking with 80mph winds, things calmed down a good bit this morning. And the skies pretty clear, and showing off some good color in the clouds.

"Lucky" since I was hoping it would give the firefighters a chance to get a handle on the fires that were burning just North of Boulder. By this morning, they were getting a better handle on things, and had worked hard to protect most of the structures. Luckily, while burning a pretty large area, it was a lot of grass lands and not a heavily populated area.

Greg has some good pictures over here, as he was one of the unlucky ones that had to be evacuated. Living in an area that is prone to wildfires, and knowing how quickly they can spread, the ol' heart always skips a beat when you hear about a new fire in the area. You can stay up to date on the situation over at the Boulder County website.

The luck continued in that the decreased wind, and warmer temps, meant that I was able to plan ahead and sneak out for a lunchtime bike ride. It was the first time in a month, I had ridden outside without leg warmers, so that was awesome! Clear skies, but the wind was definitely still there, and picking up during the ride.

But like I said, no leg warmers, no gloves... I didn't even need my new embrocation; the Mad Alchemy Uber Secret Formula embrocation. It's made a bit warmer than their mellow level, but also includes a lovely hazelnut and coffee aroma... it's downright hard to not spread it on toast!

Heck! It was so nice, I didn't even have to rush out and pick up the Cordarounds capri pants made specifically for commuting. Not only because I have ordered Jessica to pull the plug on me if I ever mention "going shopping for capris", but also ones that cost $90. And I'm quite certain the legs on ALL of my pants will fold upwards if need be, and can even be secured by one of those reflective velcro strappy things... in my choice of colors for just $1.99.

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