Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goodbye Busheviks!

Okay... the inauguration is over, it's official, Barack Obama is now President Barack Obama. That means you can take those damned election stickers off your car. No one cares who you voted for, and more importantly; don't be that person annoying me in the lead-up to the 2016 election that still has their "Obama-Biden '08" decals fading on their back bumper.

Insanely gorgeous weather in Colorado continues - while the parents in South Carolina alerted me today that the high temp for them today was 33 degrees, with snow even! Really nice here though... 60+ degrees, not a cloud in the sky, and almost zero wind today. I wasn't about to miss the opportunity to ride today, after a nice little rest yesterday. So I snuck out for a lunch ride, and hit up Super-Flagstaff.

I got to wear shorts, but my hat and my long-sleeved jersey were actually a bit too much clothing on the climb! Awesome.

Being a cube-monkey pretty much sucks. But I mean, it could be WAY worse. I might not be able to escape for my lunch rides, or I could be stuck in the city somewhere. Instead, this was the view today, less than 40 minutes of riding/climbing directly from my "cell";

I love looking back down the other direction... you can see my office 2000 feet below, seemingly worlds away.

Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same, maybe even warmer. Hopefully I can get out again, but in the meantime, the fact that this won't last, is firmly planted in my sub-conscious. No doubt helped by the forecast, which is currently calling for snow at the end of the week.

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