Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Good three-day weekend is all wrapped up. Friday we started things off with some dinner at the Denver Aquarium. It was Britt's birthday, so Jessica and I, met up with Brittainy and Jesse for some tasty fish, and over-priced, overly sweet, alcoholic drinks in collectible glasses. As usual, it was pretty darn good, and there is always something so "special" about admiring the fish in the giant tank... while you eat their unlucky cousins.

The birthday girl;

Oooohhh.... Barracuda!

Saturday I took my time getting started, easing into the weekend, with a hippy-muffin and some coffee in Ned. But couldn't deny the incredible weather, so hit out on a ride that was mostly along Peak-to-Peak highway! And not even with that much clothing. Sometimes, here in Colorado, winter sure does suck. But other times, it's January 17th, and your riding comfortably above 9000 feet, on dry roads, with sun and not a single cloud in the sky!

Sunday I was up a bit earlier, and rode down in Golden with Walker. We went up towards Evergreen, on a pretty similar route to last weekend. This time though, we hit straight through Evergreen along the parkway, and it was a lot drier, a lot warmer (I was in shorts!) and much less windy!

We also hit the Tin Star for mid-ride snacks again. This time though... they had a new surprise, Fritter-bites! Just the right size (as evidenced by Craig's hand, inserted for scale), as sometimes the full-size fritters are a bit too much when you have lots of miles still planned.

Sunday the weather was amazing again, and I had off from work for MLK day. Sadly, Jessica had to work, so I was left to my own mischievous ways. So I started sawing holes in the exterior walls of the house. But for good reason... new dryer vent. Along with a whole bunch of other chores that I normally can't do because it's too cold, or too dark this time of year. Sadly, I didn't remember to take any real pictures of the construction.

I did however catch a picture of this great couple on Saturday evening. You have to love the couple with nearly matching technical wear... coming out of REI... putting their new purchases in their Subaru Outback... and then heading over to Wahoo's for fish tacos.

Seriously... I didn't make any of that up. Except maybe the fish tacos, I'm not really sure, they seemed way too predictable and not interesting enough to stalk quite that long.

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