Friday, April 3, 2009

April Showers = (Possible Blizzard Conditions)

Is it me? Or is it getting darker outside?

It always seems this time of year, that we get a couple races in early, and everything seems fine, and then there is a rash of canceled races that leave you wondering if we'll ever get to "turn the pedals in anger". Both of last weekends races were canceled. And after some ugly dumping snow on Wednesday afternoon, which converted my 28 minute commute, into one of 178 minutes... there is another storm on the horizon, which has already canceled one race, and is threatening to cancel the second one... again. Oh, and as I look up, it's not so much over the horizon, as rain/snow is already obscuring the tops of the flatirons. Uh oh.

Well, at least we have some indoor, back-up plans in the books. The plan is to hit the track for a couple hours tomorrow morning, which sounds really fun at this point - after being back on the trainer for two weeks. The real issue that may upset the plans is if it snows enough that it's too treacherous, or downright impossible to leave the house in the morning... you know, when it's supposed to be dumping.

If that's the case, then I guess I'll have to find other indoor activities. There's always prepping to do for cyclocross season, which just might have to include this little ditty;

Why waste beer trying to shake it on racers, when you can have a gun to shoot it at them!? Though, make sure you don't use it at a dbcevents race.

The horror...

The horror...

The horror...

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