Friday, April 17, 2009

Snow=Depression, Drugs=Depression

I'm cranky today. I usually try to keep Friday's upbeat, because I mean afterall... it's Friday. But the first of the weekend races have already been cancelled. The snow is falling in copious amounts - and while it's still mostly wet down in town, at home it's heavy and piled up high already, and I will be surprised if we still have power by lunch time.

Not to mention the fact that Tyler Hamilton single handedly sent his beloved dog straight to hell. It seems like we were just talking about animal abuse. At least his dog was already dead, but still, swearing on your dogs grave that you never doped, even after several convictions, holds even less water when you get popped again. A downright fucking disgrace to the National Champions jersey. Congratulations Blake Caldwell, in my head you're the current National Champion; I was pulling for you in that ride last year anyway.

And makes this press release on his own site, all the more laughable.

All kinds of excuses and explanations already being offered up. None of which seem to make much sense to me, but what I really wonder is if anyone will mention the fact that "depression" is very often an issue with drug abusers. Whether you're using performance enhancing drugs, recreational drugs, or both.

Oh yeah... and I want my fucking money back that I donated to the Tyler Hamilton Foundation. At least I wasn't one that donated money to his legal defense... that's looking like a bad investment, even in this current market.

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