Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Sucks

As expected, the drive hom on Friday sucked. Though it did suck more than I figured it would, if that counts for anything. I had no choice but to go up the canyon, through town, and loop around the long way. We're talking complete white-out, 8-10 inches of fresh, unplowed snow on the road (which was only plowed one lane wide to begin with), and completely guessing where exactly the road was, as I limped home. But I made it damnit. Gold star for me.

I abondoned the car in the drive, and set to work gathering candles, fire wood, and the other stuff I would need while the power was out. Alex came over to keep me company, and to keep from freezing herself, since I had a nice big fire going.

Also as expected, all racing was cancelled for Saturday. I had a feeling that my start time for the cancelled Haystack TT was going to be 11:05.30... so at that time I went outside and decided to get in my effort... shoveling. At the start the walk looked like this;

51 minutes and 26 seconds later, it looked like this;

I guess that is a pretty good time for getting through all that heavy snow, but it was a horrible time for the Haystack course. Luckily I had plenty of refreshing drinks in the "refridgerator";

It snowed;

And snowed some more;

And snowed still more... lots of this is snow that fell off our roof as well, to make a big ol' pile. That frame that you see is the top of our porch swing.

Eventually, late Saturday, the snow started to slow down, and the road started to get plowed. And a bit after that, we got our power back. 36 hours doesn't seem so bad now, knowing that Craig and plenty of others in Evergreen/Conifer were still without power this morning! Clarence really didn't care, he pretty much just slept through the enitre weekend.

Now we have some real temperatures that I can deal with this week, but e will have to fight through what is sure to be an insanely muddy few days! This storm was about 3 and a half feet at our house... I shudder to think how deep it would have been if it was just about 5 degrees colder!

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