Thursday, April 9, 2009

First 2009 Road Race

...well... no, not really. More like the first Bus Stop ride of the year. Granted, some people do approach it as a race, but believe it or not... it's just a ride.

I usually shy away when it's a lot windy out... but it really wasn't windy till we got north of town. Oh well, we were off. I usually spend days like this in the wind, getting in some extra work, and not bothering to fight for spots in the gutter. But I felt pretty good. And even better in the Fruit Loops. I even took some points - not sure where I stand in the overall though since it was my first time at the race this year. I'm kidding! It's not a race you goons! Really, all that matters is that I got in some good efforts, and those efforts felt good. The legs might have felt better than at anytime last year. Oh yeah... except for about a mile south of Lyons when about a 10 inch section of 20 gauge wire shot up off a wheel, and literally STUCK in the side of my calf! Now when was that last tetanus shot?

Most of the Burger King commercials are kinda creepy... but this one, I think I watched 10 times in a row, laughing the entire time!

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