Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yeah... I don't walk...

Overheard at a bus stop on the Boulder Campus today;
"Yeah, I really like Boulder. I'm from Fort Collins though, so I'm really not used to walking...I usually only walk from my car into whatever store I'm going to."

Is it even fucking possible to "not be used to walking"? And if you somehow aren't used to walking, shouldn't it take all of 2 days to get used to it? Maybe it was her retarded Ugg boots that were making things difficult. And just so you know, yes, she was getting on the bus for a ride to the parking lot where her car is. People are retarded. It takes 11 minutes to walk from one corner of campus to the other. If you go slowly, it takes all of 20 minutes to walk from one campus to the other!

This weekend had a total of 4 bike races cancelled. That made for 6 races in the past two weekends. Which also meant that I had entirely too much time in front of the television this weekend. Luckily, seeing the weather was bound to be crappy, Chuck had the foresight to get us set up with some track time, just for the team!

Even if it's a fairly small track, two hours of flying around the track is bound to be beat a trainer workout any day!

It will be even nicer one of these days, when we get to race for real!

Pretty nice weather today at least, though a touch windy. I think I just might pack up early, and see if I can't scoot up to catch the Bus Stop ride tonight... I imagine someone will be there right?

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