Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bow Wow

Another great "race" last night. I was a little worried as the wind picked up, and the rain started falling right at the start of the ride... but of course I was mostly concerned about getting my fancy white shoes dirty. I didn' win the race, but I scored some good points in the chase for the overall series win.

THAT is sarcasm, for those that don't get it...

Ah yes... Spring is here... or at least sorta, since there are dandelions spouting up today, but snow forecast for Friday. Check that; this just in, already a Winter Storm Watch has been issued from Thursday night into Saturday morning. Must be almost time for the weekend - since there's snow in the immediate forecast.

Anyway, one of the great parts about Spring is that everyone has their cool little new fuzzy puppies out and about. It's fun to see all the little critters. But a big part of me actually hates it. Mostly because I'm here in Boulder, a college town, which of course means the majority of these dogs are living with some dude or dudette which can barely keep their own life in check. And that just iritates the hell out of me.

Too many of these animals will likely grow up with no idea of discipline or proper training. Which only increases the likelyhood that their owners will grow tired of them, and possibly even send them off to the humane society once they are no longer "cool". I'm no animal rights activists, but I'd rather see people tortured than some poor defenseless dog. Abuse is bad enough when you raise a dog without training or proper care. Abuse is even worse when you buy a little pink sweater for your dog, or carry it around in a fricken' purse;

But then you have these fucktards. These losers should be lined up in the town square for public mocking. Then we use packing tape to tape them up... but to the keel of a ship, rather than to a refridgerator.

"My parents gave me $150k to go to college and all I got was this lousy felony charge of animal cruelty"

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