Friday, April 17, 2009

Goodbye Cruel World

If you don't hear from me, it's because I'm lost in the snow, or have succumbed to complete and utter boredom. It's finally about time to head home for the day, but I do that with mixed emotions. The weather is shitty in Boulder, but hardly snowing. On the other hand, there's over 2 feet of snow (already!) at home, and no electricity. Which means no heat, no water, no interwebs, and most importantly - if it's not back on by midnight, no qualifying session for this weekends Formula1 race in Sepang! Arrrrggggghhh! If I can drive all the way to the driveway, without doing any snowshoeing, the trip home will be an unlikely success.

I might have to go the cheap beer route tonight, just so I can buy enough to keep me comfortably numb for the entire weekend. Especially since sleeping in front of the stove and waking up every hour to throw some wood on the fire, doesn't make for the most comfortable night.

Needless to say... it's looking like another weekend of all bike racing being cancelled.

I REALLY hate Spring in Colorado.

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Notorious B.I.L. said...

Get out the welder and make a snowbike. Or better yet, drink the cheap beer, get some wire, and make a beer pinata.