Friday, August 29, 2008

The frame is straight, it has threads (I know, how very "old-skool"), it's been prepped, and now it's on the way for a date with a man armed with a spray gun! We'll have to see exactly what colors they have in stock and readily available; I gave them 5 options, but a silly florescent green was my leading choice!

Last night I introduced Jessica to the world of Guitar Hero. I could see that little twinkle of obsession starting to sparkle in her eye, and I was rather surprised we didn't end up getting it... yet... Rock Band 2 will be coming out soon enough.

The minutes are ticking away (however slowly) and soon we'll be knee-deep in a 3-day weekend! Just in time too... I sense that I definitely need a break. No real big plans for the holiday weekend, other than some nice relaxing downtime and hopefully a good spate of mountain biking on the local trails! Hopefully I'll even get a chance to see Jessica, who is busy busy with the upcoming show Out of Order, soon to be playing at The Vic.

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