Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Prairie Home Companion

Last night Jessica and I were off to Red Rocks for A Prairie Home Companion! This is always one of my favorite shows to listen to on public radio. Garrison Keillor just cracks me up with his wit and humor. It looked a bit rainy on the way down, but the evening cleared up quite nicely, other than for some wind.

The show started with a couple songs;

And some stories;

It would be silly to try and tell you about the show. It's a great show that you just have to listen to, in order to really enjoy. It was fun to see them live, and be a part of the show; to hear totally unexpected things, and to hear the common bits that you have heard on the radio for years. Always interesting to see people in person, that you really only ever "see" on the radio.

Red Rocks itself, was gorgeous as usual;

And with a pretty clear night, the moon drew lots of gasps, as people started to notice it coming up over the horizon. It was huge, and deep red last night.

The show made for another late night, but I'm so glad we had a chance to go. It was a lot of fun. And hey... there's always tomorrow to try and catch up on sleep!

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Summer said...

Wow, these are such incredible shots of Red Rocks!