Wednesday, August 20, 2008


JP and I got some work done on the cross frame Monday, and it should be all set for the welding torch. Throw on some paint, and then some bike-bits, and it should be a rolling machine! Sorry, I didn't manage to get any pictures of the work we did the other night. But soon I might have one soon of it tacked-up, before the real welding starts.

I went full-on race-setup on the cross frame, if you remember, which means no water bottle bosses. Now, after seeing the iHome Bike to Beach Bicycle Speaker yesterday... I almost wish I had a bottle cage! I mean it's a speaker, that fits into your water bottle cage, and keeps your iPod safely tucked away inside. Just think of how you could annoy people on group rides! I wonder how loud this puppy goes. It just might be the answer to those annoying peeps that want to do a group ride with their headphones in, because well, they want to be SEEN on the ride, but not actually interact with others.

Though if I had smooth-pimpin;' cruiser... I would definitely consider running the speaker on one bottle mount, and the Surly flask and matching flask-holder on the other bottle mount. Now that would be slick - whiskey to keep you warm on those cold rides, and no worries about your headphones falling out, while you subject everyone to the most twisted depths of your music collection.

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