Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Little of Everything

Another week... another 3 dollars and fitty cents...

This past weekend saw a return to the racing scene. It was good to be back with the gang, racing at the Federal Center, and the boys in purple were pretty well represented.

The legs felt okay in the race, and I could move around pretty easily early in the race, but it was those damned accelerations that I had issues with. The body felt way better than the first race back after a break last year, so that's good, and steady efforts weren't bad, but those spikes were a bit too much at the moment. I guess I'm too delicate... you know, like lots of other cyclists;

Whatever they want to wear masks, that's fine, who cares. China obviously cares because of the vision of an overly polluted city that it portrays. (Hey! Why do you think it's so cheap to produce things in China!?) Especially in a time where the Olympics are more about selling television ad space, marketing in general, and lining the pockets of people that make up Olympic Committees, than it is about the actual sports, and beauty of competition. The real jerks that need to take the full blame in this story are the people at the USOC who designed and GAVE the masks to the athletes, and then turned around and "scolded" them for actually using them!

But then, maybe cyclists wouldn't be so delicate, if half of them weren't doped up on cocaine or drugs meant for old ladies and cancer victims?

This past weekend Jessica, Alex and myself went out for some dinner at the Wondervu Cafe. There is always at least some entertaining people watching to do there, and this time, I also noticed this great ashtray! It looked so "natural" and blended right in, that I surprised myself by even noticing it!

And we had another great view on the way home;

This week has been moving along slowly, but I think it's because I'm antsy, waiting for my new phone to come in! That's right, sold my soul for the new iPhone. The good news is that it comes with a free black turtleneck, and probably a cup of special blue kool-aide. I guess I'm unofficially part of the cult, but I'm still avoiding the Apple Store like a plague... that place creeps me out...

I am anxious to play with my new toy, and find out all the fun stuff it will do. It does a lot of neato stuff, even if it isn't as glitzy and full-tilt as the Tag Heuer Meridiist

"Luxury phones" are just plain pretty silly... all the more so since they never seem to have a full suite of over-the-top functions, to match their over-the-top fashion; like the quartz face of the Meridiist. I mean, go buy an Aston Martin and you get amazing styling AND incredible hardware. Buy a $5000 phone, and you get a Motorola Razr in opulent packaging. Hey, to each their own.


Ross said...

Well to be fair your Aston is mostly Ford underneath.

I am Brian said...

Not anymore... Thank goodness!