Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I got in a good ride last night, rolling up and down several of the local Boulder climbs. It's always nice to get back on some of the more quiet climbs, where you don't have as much traffic. Along the way, I went over Lee Hill. This area sees it's share of cyclists, and more often than not, there is some sign one of the locals has put up, "yelling" at the cyclists to stop speeding or to complain about some other matter. So it was refreshing to come across this sign at the top of Lee Hill last night;

Speaking of cyclists, sad news that two more cyclists were killed by a vehicle in Colorado Springs last week. A sad story no doubt, and so far completely the fault of the driver. But this story really made me mad when I read, "Their deaths are the 13th and 14th traffic deaths this year in Colorado Springs. Of those, 11 have involved an impaired driver, police said. Maybe the laws aren't strict enough. I know the driving tests aren't strict enough!

I wonder what kind of special driving permit you need for something like this? My current favorite for local rides around here.

Even bigger than the tires on the jacked-up, doorless ElCamino, were the clouds that were forming over the flat-lands when I got back up to the house last night;

Clarence is settling into his new digs pretty well. Though admittedly, his endless need for attention, super sharp kitten claws, and early morning schedule is driving Jessica and I a little bonkers.

It's been too long since I've had a kitten running around, and I've blocked out all the extra work they are. Almost as bad as a puppy. But still awfully cute and fuzzy.

If plans hold up... I should get to work on a new project tonight!

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