Thursday, August 28, 2008


Huge props to Mr. Rubin, who took a good minute off last year's time, and finished up the "somewhat-old-man-category" at World's Time Trial in 4th place. Good job man!

The bike is all welded now! I picked it up last night, for some more transportation. Sorry, I didn't have a chance for an updated photo, but suffice to say, the welds look awesome, and now it's a stiff collection of tubes, resembling a bike frame. Today it should get the final alignment, tap some threads in that bad boy, and ream the seat tube. Then, once I look through my little book here and pick out a color, it's off to the powder-coater! Woo Hoo! I'm still hoping that it gets done in time for Brecktobercross next weekend... but we'll see.

I've been doing way too much transportation for the bike frame, but at least there was a spectacular sunset last night! Bummer, that I had to snap this photo, from over my shoulder, while sitting at a stop light last night.

Okay... I think it's time for lunch now...

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