Monday, August 18, 2008

It Rained...

...and rained, and rained and rained. It started raining... non stop... on Thursday evening. On Saturday morning, the view out the window still looked like this;

When it's that cold, rainy, dark and crappy, there is only one thing left to do - double espresso and Walker's shortbread. Okay, I admit it, I had three shots by the time I was done.

That's alright, TiVo had more than enough Olympics coverage for me to catch up on. And eventually it cleared up to the point where I could sneak out for a quick run, in just a steady drizzle, so I only got slightly wet.

After the rain returned for all of Saturday night, Sunday morning, things were finally starting to break up some. The clouds cleared enough that we could see the fresh snow on the mountains. I'm going to say this counts as the first snow of the year, since we're past the solstice.

Just in time too, since we had to make a quick road trip to the other side of the divide for the day. It rained off and on, but on the way back, Vail was opened up a bit, and provided it's usual stunning view;

I got a ride in, Sunday evening, deciding to roll the dice against the weather. Just as I topped out on the climb furthest from home, I was sure it was a roll I had lost. The clouds were downright evil, black and definitely had moisture pouring out of them. I should have stopped to take a picture, but I was afraid of wasting the time! I lucked-out, and only got rained on a bit, but seemed to be chasing the storms as the road was heavily soaked for most of the ride.

It looks like I should get to work on the single speed cross bike today, and hopefully finish up the tubes, and get it tacked together - all set for final welding. I'm anxious to get it done, and new bikes never seem to come quickly enough! Wednesday Jessica and I are off to Red Rocks to see A Prairie Home Companion! Definitely one of my favorite radio shows, so we are both really looking forward to seeing them live and in person. It should be very interesting after really only listening to the show on the radio (since you can't really count the movie, even though it was awesome).

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