Tuesday, December 9, 2008


A glimpse at the important, upcoming stuff on my calendar

0.08 more days until I can go home for the evening
3 more days till the first of the new BattleStar Gallactica webisodes
12 more days till the Winter Solstice
25 more days until the first bike race of 2009
107 more days until the opening race of the 2009 Formula1 calendar

In the meantime, can anyone tell me how many Fall Out Boy songs you have to listen to, before you think wearing your girlfriends skinny jeans is cool? I try to avoid as much Fall Out Boy as possible, but I really don't want to take a chance and even inadvertently get close to the limit;

In the Silver & Gold Record last week there was a great story about the UC Denver Police checking out the new T3 Motion scooter at training sessions. Apparently these $9000 electric 3-wheel scooters (Segways with a training "wheel") are the answers to all the colleges problems. Especially in financial times such as these.

I find the claim on the site that these things cost just "10 cents a day to operate". I'd love to see the cost analysis done on that. I'm guessing with their range of just 25 miles on a full charge (and under optimal -re."unrealistic"- conditions) and the $9000 pricetag, that it means "if you run this thing 30 minutes a day, at minimal power, factor in zero maintenance or upkeep costs for 15 years, AND charge it with electricity that was priced in 1964" ...you might be getting closer. As Seth commented, there is an awfully big astrix, after that comment... The "story" if you want to call it that;

"Officer Kinshasa Sayers of the university police at UC Denver takes a spin on a new T3 Motion scooter during a Nov. 25 training session at the Anschutz Medical Campus. The first three-wheeled vehicle to be used by university police, it can reach speeds of 25 miles an hour, travels 25 miles on a fully charged battery and costs $9,000. UCD Police Chief Doug Abraham said the scooter is an economical and eco-friendly alternative to using the department's gas-powered patrol cars on the pedestrian-friendly campus. He said the department has already purchased one T3 and hopes to purchase more with proceeds from the sale of old police cruisers. Photo by Christopher Withrow"

What ever happened to the insane idea of putting cops on bikes that cost $700, are 100 times more efficient, more maneuverable, and improve the physical condition of the officers that use them? I've talked to a lot of bike cops, and I would bet 99% of them loved being out on a bike. Even those that weren't "cyclists".

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