Friday, December 12, 2008

There's Something Green and Fury in the Living Room

This past weekend Jessica and I went to pick out a tree for the upcoming Baby Jeebus birthday celebration. We picked out a lovely fragrant one... on that definitely won us over for it's unique Whoville-like top - which we of course decided to leave on. I mean, we didn't want to take away any of it's character!

Alex came over to help decorate, and I helped by making dinner... including one of my new favorites, "Egg-Sog". Soy bean eggnog is pretty tasty! It's much lower viscosity than standard eggnog, which I really don't mind since normal eggnog is often a bit too thick for my taste, and it only has like 40% of the calories, so I can drink a lot more of it, without hating myself. And of course, you can thin it down a good bit further with some Meyers;

To celebrate Alex "neighborsteins" third baby jeebus tree, and her 2nd consecutive one with us, Jessica and I even got her, her very own ornament to hang on the tree

Jessica and Alex celebrated the nearly finished tree

After tree-decorating, we settled down for our tree-building tradition... a viewing of the movie Elf, by far my favorite xmas movie.

It was a busy night, and both Clarence and Jessica succumbed to the comfort of the couch and the toasty fire in the stove.

Can't ya just hear the sleigh bells?

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