Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Pint of Pumpkin Pie

Since it was literally cold enough, that eating ice cream should bring the temperature back UP, I figured buying a pint on the way home last night, was the safest thing to do;

Actually, I got on the topic of it, because Jeff announced that Graeter's Ice Cream now delivered pints of their creamy goodness all over the country. Besides me, there are a few awesome things that come out of Ohio, and Graeter's is one of them! Their chocolate marshmallow sundaes are pure heaven. And this time of year, there is no need to even consider any flavor other than Pumpkin Pie! When Jeff looked more closely, he realized that Krogers err... King Soopers I mean, (another Ohio company) carries Graeter's in some of their Denver area stores. Sure enough... the store 200 meters from my place of employ carries it! That was the first stop on the way home last night, and they actually have a pretty good selection, including of course Pumpkin Pie. Go get some to try, all the flavors are great. But if you see Peanut Butter Chip, let me know, Jeff has a serious hankerin' for that one.

Randomly flipping through the news today, I came across this photo;

I can honestly say I've never felt closer to some unnamed kid, that I've never met before, in a far-off country... as I did when I saw this photo. It's the holiday season, and I'm feeling generous... I would definitely give my used shoes to that cause.

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ELGEE said...

too bad it wasnt a pair of size 42 SORELS.