Wednesday, December 17, 2008


No doubt, it was ridiculously cold the other morning. It still isn't that warm. But the Elk were hanging out in the yard, just to give Neo something to bark at in the morning. I wish one of them would have volunteered to go out and warm up the car for me!

When it was finally time to leave, most of the herd was at the top of the driveway, including this monster who was instantly ready to make a stand against Clemmie;

That's gotta make those hunters out there salivate! This was one big boy! So the good news is that if the economy collapses far enough that we have to return to hunting and gathering... guys like this provide a serious number of cheeseburgers!

Of course if you're the sort of guy that seeks out die cut Ducks Unlimited decals for the window of your pick-'em-up-truck, and go crazy at the thought of lining up some crosshairs on my neighbor above, then you definitely need to yourself some Truck Antlers!

Turn your truck into a buck... you stupid fuck.

I also came across Jinx last night... the clothing store specifically for all you gamers out there. I really do love this one, it cracks me up every time I say it over in my head in Darth Vader's voice;

As a site selling "gamer-specific" clothing should; it has online ordering so you won't have to log out of WOW to get some new threads, and most shirts coming in "gamer-specific-sizing"... namely 4X-Large. So no worries, have another Mountain Dew, and place your order while your character is busy learning skills.

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Brittainy said...

It's not wise to put things like,

"Turn your truck into a buck... you stupid fuck"

on your blog. It made me laugh out loud. They are going to find out that I am not actually working over here...there is no laughing in auditing!