Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Catch-up

I decided to start the holiday weekend off by trying the Trappists Rochefort "8"... the little brother to the "10" that I had earlier in the week. While it was quite tasty, it was at least 2 steps away from the 10, and overall, not really worth the minor savings to the wallet. Spend the few extra coins and get the (REALLY) good stuff.

The first thing I was thankful for on Thursday, was the ability to sleep in as late as I wanted. After accomplishing that, Jessica and I were on the road, traveling to Thanksgiving dinner. Luckily, the travel consisted of just driving down the mountain to meet up some friends for dinner at the Boulder Cork. We had scheduled a meeting with Jesse, Brit, Alex, Jeff, and Jill; a big ol' Thanksgiving feast that someone else had to prepare, and then clean up afterwards! It was as tasty as it looked, and another good bit about eating out, is that they only bring you one plate, so it's much harder to keep going back for more until you feel like you are going to explode.

Good people there at the Boulder Cork... being a steakhouse they don't have much of a vegan menu for good ol' Alex, even being in Boulder. But they were happy to oblige Alex, and made a special plate up just for her, sans animal product;

Alex was away from the table while we ordered dessert, so we picked out a very special dessert just for her... again, no animal product, and again, the kitchen was more than happy to oblige;

After dinner there was only one reasonable thing we could do... work off the calories with a heated game of bowling.

My technique was flawless;

As witnessed by Jeff, and his look of disbelief at my other-worldly score of a solid 142 pins (I didn't score that much in the next two games combined).

Jessica shows us her balls;

After a solid workout like bowling, everyone was ready to go home and sleep off the rest of the meal. The rest of the weekend we mostly spent at home, hanging out, relaxing on the off time, and stoking the fire. The weather outside was less than ideal, and the trainer was the primary method of tiring myself out enough, that I could actually sleep at night, after a day of napping and television.

Sunday evening we had another tasty Thanksgiving meal with some of Jessica's family, and I tried the Maredsous Tripel to wrap up the weekend. It looked pretty good out of the bottle (minus the overly-foamy head I managed to pour), but was far, far down the list of my favorites. Or, just plain not on my list of favorites... at all.

And now it's somehow time to get back to work, with no settling thoughts other than the distant idea of baby jeebus break... a seemingly endless 3 weeks away.

Time for Obama to get back to work too... he needs to create some more change by shuffling around the same old people into different jobs in the same old government with the same old ideas.

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