Thursday, December 4, 2008


Finally, some snow worth mentioning. Granted, I'd rather have it just stay at a balmy 82 degrees every day of the year, rather than the 10 degrees that it was when I rolled out of the house this morning, but whatever. At least it changed up the scenery a bit;

It's time for the cyclocross state championship race this weekend... we'll have to see if the snow sticks around long enough to make things sloppy. Almost makes you wish we had real mud here, rather than this desert mud that just turns to glue and jacks everything up.

But you know what's really fucking lame? I mean, other than putting on a UCI race, and charging not just the elite gang, but EVERYONE more cash dollars (than the norm) to register for the race... which I could totally get, if every other UCI race I checked out, in every region of the country charged their "normal racers" the usual fees, and only upped the charges for the gang sporting UCI licenses... But hey, the customers handle it, and it's admittedly a well done race. But what's also lame is putting on the state championship race, and not helping out the peeps that want to do multiple races on the same day; for those of us obsessive/compulsive racers aren't strong enough to face the idea of not racing again until March. It's 25 clams to line up and race on Sunday (I should probably be thankful for that), but if you want to line up again, it's another full-price shot of $25. I'm sorry, but that's fucking lame. Every other race, road or cyclocross offers up a lovely discount if you enjoy their race enough that you are willing to line up again, and flog yourself some more... it's a beautiful thing.

I was even considering going "marathon style" and maybe lining up for 3 races Sunday... just so I don't even want to race for a couple weeks, which should help me focus on enjoying winter. Another $20 that would have meant for the promoter. But screw it, I ain't even paying $50 to race twice. Sure, it's up to the promoter to determine prices, and I'm thankful for promoters that put on races (and YES, I have worked to help put on races, so I understand the work involved), and you could argue that it's because it's States... but really, it comes down to what the market will bear. I suppose I'll race since it's the only game in town on Sunday, but I won't be a repeat customer, and at least to me, that will send a tiny statement to the promoter. It's a bummer really.

And in the same vein... the ACA really needs to step it up. I mean, would it really be so much more money and work to make the Single Speed race a State Championship event? I mean jeebus... we have every other damned category imaginable, in our seeming quest to give everyone a medal. The winners of the single speed race usually finish ahead of the majority of the Cat3 field; after giving them a 1 minute head start, and usually passing 50+ racers on their way up. You can race and win the Single Speed race at Nationals. Heck, there is even a Single Speed "World Championship"! Sure, that one's mostly a party, but everyone is having a damned good time (isn't that what cross is about?), and last year at least 3 of the top cross pros in the country showed up for the race.

And how about just plain "why not"!? I mean, one of the main reasons I never hesitate to line up in the single speed race, is because every guy and gal on the line is friendly and happy, and out to race as hard as they can, while having a great time. There are pros down to overweight out of shape old guys, and yet no one is busy bitching that there are "former pros in their open category" or "someone is sandbagging". Just line up, ask your neighbor what gear he's running, (so you know whether you should attack him in the power sections or the fast spinny sections) race, and then pat one another on the back after the finish line.

I don't think anyone would even care about the silly jacket... the racers just want to be seen as a legitimate category and not second-class citizens... or something.

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