Friday, February 29, 2008

Can Eddy Come Out To Play?

A new friend came home with me yesterday. His name is Eddy.

Sadly, he can't come out to play yet. See, he's missing several appendages. But I'll be working on that tonight. I tried last night, but ran into a few issues. Eddy and I had to get to know one another a little bit more slowly, you know, not to rush the relationship and all. So after some time off, to get to know his new surroundings while I was at work today, we'll work on putting him together this evening.

Hopefully he'll be relaxed, because this is what's in store for tomorrow... a world of a pain;

Not sure if I'll actually take him with me. I mean, taking a freshly built bike with all new pieces, way way out into the mountains on an epic ride with still somewhat limited daylight, can be a risky venture.

But will I be able to resist the combination of temperatures in the 70's, epic mountain roads, and a shiny new friend?

Don't forget... Happy Leap Year! it's February 29th... so if you're on salary, you just got screwed! Damnit!

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