Sunday, February 17, 2008

Work Shop Calendar Girl

Friday was potluck day at work. I provided some tasty homemade Mac-N-Cheese for the party. That night I had to do some big gear intervals on the trainer, to work off the "calorie-dense" dish I made.

Saturday was the one shot to get outside this weekend, since the weather was supposed to go quickly downhill for the rest of the weekend. So I got out with Matt and Craig. Matt's plan was 10x2min climbing intervals, so we found a quiet little hill and got to work. I was cross-eyed every effort, but made it to within about the same 5meter spot each time, so I was working hard. Good ride.

That evening, I caught the final show of Jessica's current show, The Lion in Winter. So if you missed it, now you'll have to go see Stones In His Pocket. But since it was the last show, that means Jessica suckered me into working strike for the set. Jessica kind of forgot about strike, and had dressed up for the final show... so had to pose for the Work-shop Calendar Girl shot;

Sorry for the shitty camera-phone shot, but nothing like chicks and power tools... right?
Sunday we woke up to snow, and cold weather. Perfect weather to go with our plans of getting some breakfast at the Sundance Lodge in Ned, and then lounging about for the day! Mmmm... French toast.

This is a flashback, since I came across this picture on my phone, when downloading the calendar girl shot above this morning. I had totally forgotten about it; when we were in PA this past November, we went to Longwood Gardens. Pretty cool place, with many different gardens to wander through. While we were in the gift shop though, wandering around with many other people, I seemed to be the only one that noticed this sign, and it just plain struck me as hysterical;

This just in as I'm watching the coverage of the Tour of California prologue; Dave Zabriski has the ugliest damned skinsuit (combined with the orange bike and argyle helmet) that I have EVER seen. I'd throw a link in, but I figure if I hit up any of
the cycling sites, it will spoil the results.

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