Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wow... what a game!

Did everyone catch that game!? It was amazing!

Anyway, it appears that it's time to wrap up another weekend, and get back to the grind in the morning. Ugh. As much as I love Fridays, and the glorious way they are the start of the weekend, I hate Sunday evenings for being the end of your freedom. Nothing to do but go to bed, and wake up ready to start from the longest part of the week. Oh well, I really shouldn't complain, I mean things could be a whole lot worse.

Friday I had another tough trainer ride. It was a fairly tough week on the bike, but I survived it. And so Saturday morning I convinced Jessica that maybe we should hit up the ice rink for some excellent cross training. That's always a great time, and even though we only ever end up doing it about once a year, I seem to adjust quicker and quicker to the subtle differences of "blades" vs. the inline "wheels" I'm so used to.

Things sure were fun! Look at us going around, everyone is so happy!

I was getting a decent workout in even. Dodging the 13 different little miss ice skating princesses that wanted to figure skate through the center of the rotating mass of "normal" skaters. I realized I don't hate them, as much as I hate their "coaches", full grown humans, that encourage the ice-princesses to skate backwards through the crowds. But I digress... anyway, time was almost up, and with my confidence on the blades growing, I seem to have pushed the physics just a tad over the edge...

Wham! "Oh... so that's what it feels like when you slap your face off frozen water... rough, but not too bad", I say to myself. I don't really know what I did to extend myself beyond the physics of staying upright while wearing blades on ice, but I'm pretty sure I was doing a triple lutz, or something fantastic like that...

Anyway, turns out I needed a mirror to assess the damage. Damnit, I wasn't going to be able to fix that one on my own. I wasn't hurt, but I was very very cranky, knowing straight away that I had purchased myself a trip to the ER. Great. Into the car after a quick hatchet job by the tech at the ice rink;

Jessica, aka "my ambulance" tried to keep a stiff upper lip;

Oh yeah... looking good in the ER. That's a nice deep gash;

And after a little cleaning up, I was all set for some fresh sutures.

Now you know, this whole time I was more pissed, than I was in pain. The biggest reason is because I had done pretty much this exact same thing 7 or 8 years ago (God damn, was it that long ago!?) Anyway, one night out on the speedskates, I was getting a nice workout in, when I decided to do one more lap through the parking lot before I would head home. Suddenly, a pile of gravel took me out while I was in a full on turn, and my head lead me to the pavement. I bounced right up, but was bleeding and figured I should head home and get a mirror. Yep, couldn't fix that one on my own either. I had done the same thing I did this weekend, slamming my jawbone on the ground so that I could split right through my delicate skin. If you check in the pictures, you can see the scar, that almost perfectly meets up with what will be my newest scar. Last time was worse though, more dirt in the wound, chipped teeth, and a jaw so sore I couldn't eat solid food for about a week. Ouchie.

The ER did a good job though, and we were lucky to be in and out quickly, after stitching me back up;

I'm such an idiot. But at least something about it makes me feel young and alive when I get to do fun things that cause crashes that need to get fixed up. Not that I want to do it again anytime soon...


Seth Rubin said...

Using some basic measuring tools, it appears that the soon to be scar will match up with the old scar quite nicely. Analyze time/place coincidences here . . .

Good work adding character to that chiseled mug of yours!

Michael Fitch said...

ouch. i like that theres atleast a gore picture with it stretched out a bit.