Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Ride

Amy Winehouse... seriously... 5 grammys? Well if you needed any more proof that these award shows are nothing but a hoax, designed to sell advertising time on tv, further inflate the inflated egos of these "stars", and to entertain you... there it is. I mean, really. Some cracked-out, shootin'-up, can't remember the words to her own songs, jailbait-boyfried having, fall down drunk chick that the record industries decided would be "your" new favorite star... Thank jeebus I didn't give a damn to begin with.

50 degrees is what the forecast said for a high temperature today. It sure as hell was 50 degrees when we rolled out of Boulder this morning, not even at 10.30. All I know is I could see my breath, and had ALL my kit on, and it was still cold. Good inversion though; we decided to climb, and as we did, there was literally a 100 meter long window that we passed through where the temperature suddenly jumped 15 degrees. I met up with a group of teamates, a nice solid group, and we did the St. Vrain-Ward loop. Good ride all in all, though I started to crack in a bad way just before Ward. Should have eaten more, especially given the cold starting conditions. Always hard to remember that's essentially 22 miles of climbing that direction

Nothing a fish burrito and a Sol cerveza from Illegal Pete's couldn't fix...

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