Friday, February 22, 2008

Little Green Men, and White Beer

This guy is awesome... I came across him the other day, looking for conspiracy reasons that we would shoot down a failing satellite. He didn't dissapoint, as he was ready to point out that the government was shooting down the satelite since it was occupied by a hybrid alien/human, using spy equipment that was designed using alien technology. Of course he went into plenty of detail. Though his personal website is even better, and this is my favorite article - that I have found so far anyway. Hopefully I'll remember to check back next year, after the aliens fail to show up, to see what reason he comes up with.

Back in reality... I'm enjoying a lovely bottle of La Grande Blanche this fine evening. It's quite tasty! It's listed as a "Belgian Imperial White Ale". I'd say it's got quite a bite for a Wit, but I guess that's the Imperial part... It's definitely a good bottle, though be careful with the bigger bottles, since it's 7.5% alcohol. I'd call it perfect for carbo-loading before what should be two solid group rides this weekend, with decent weather even!

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