Monday, February 18, 2008

Knight Rider and Night Viewing

So did you catch the premier of the redone Knight Rider last night? It was pretty silly, well, REALLY silly. 2 hour premiere, which of course meant 1hr and 10m of stupid commercials. A silly story line, beyond ridiculous action, and well, it just isn't the original series. People always have to go and destroy classic shows. At least The Hof made a reappearance in the show. That part was goofy too, but you know they just had to figure some way to work him in. I'm sure I'll watch at least one more episode just to see if it goes anywhere. Of course, I'll make sure it's recorded next time, so I can skip the commercials.

Here is a picture of that hideous kit I referred to yesterday. Though, while being hypnotized by the cacophony of stripes, argyle, stars and spinning logos, I noticed that Dave Z was running a powertap equiped Zipp disc. Interesting. That would be one expensive wheel to throw away once your powertap goes bezerk...

I'll be lurking on slowtwitch today, because I know someone will point out that Cervelo bikes MUST be faster than Felt bikes, since Dave Z wasn't on the podium.

As far as the night sky goes... did you catch the Space Station flyover this past week? Saturday was prime viewing, with a high angle flyover which meant plenty of viewing time. Plus the shuttle was attached, so it was a bit larger than normal. Jessica and I were in Denver, and it was cloudy, but amazingly, I managed to catch a glimpse of it for a couple seconds through broken clouds. The shuttle undocked just this morning, but sadly they won't be in view from Colorado this week.

Bigger news though, is that Wednesday evening will host a total lunar eclipse! Sweet. It's even in the evening, unlike last time when I was awake at 3am... Now we just have to hope for clear skies (looks like it could go either way)

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