Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Belated Weekend Wrap

This past weekend was pretty busy. After work on Friday, Jessica and I hit the trail for Central City, for a friend's birthday party. Right on cue, the snow started falling, just before we left. The drive out wasn't bad, but it was snowing pretty good, over the slot machines;

But we had some partying to do, so no time for snow! The venue was the Elk's Club - an entertaining stop in any town, and the theme was "80's Karaoke" - a good theme for any party. The only downside I figured, was that it's no fun to dress up like the 80's anymore... I mean, you just go into Target, or Hot Topic, and buy whatever is on the main racks. At any rate, the elk were well-dressed.

As was the Highway man that stopped in for a drink to wet his whistle before heading back out on the trail;

Jessica even got brave, and went up to do some singing... my little performer...

And I couldn't resist throwing at least a few nickels into the slot machine. I did not however, strike it big... I didn't even "strike it small".

The snow messed with the riding plans, but Walker and I delayed our ride for a bit, and just went out later, when the roads were a bit drier, and the temps a bit higher. Got a solid 82 mile ride in, taking in Carter Lake, the Rattlesnake, and then back up to Carter Lake before heading home. No rest for me, as I met up with Jessica after the ride, and we were off to The Denver Vic for a show, and then a party afterwards. We saw Educating Rita, and it was a pretty good show.

After that sort of day, I slept until 10am on Sunday. Finally got time and motivation for a ride, but the wind had picked up, and the clouds had closed in, so I opted for a trail run, rounded off with some mountain biking as well. It was a good choice. I got to mountain bike in shorts, and the weather was just "iffy" enough to keep people away, so the trail was nice and quiet... other than the nagging coming from my legs that were blown-apart and protesting.

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